Slurry Seal Project Coming this August

Click Here for the Slurry Seal Map
Seal Project Schedulen For Streets Affected

The City of Dell Rapids and its contractor have scheduled a slurry seal for the streets in the areas
shown on the map linked above.

A slurry seal is a preventative maintenance treatment used to extend the life of a street that is in
good condition and helps address minor defects. A slurry seal is a ½ inch layer applied on top of the
existing asphalt surface by a paver and is a mixture of asphalt oil, small rock, and other additives.
During the micro surfacing application, there will be no vehicle traffic and no parking on
the street until it cures out. Curing time is approximately four to six hours.

The City of Dell Rapids and its contractor plan on doing this project in early August. The exact dates
they will be working on these streets will depend on the weather. The residents of each street will be
notified with a door hanger the day before the operation is scheduled to begin.
If you have any questions or special needs before or during this operation, please contact the City
Administrator, Justin Weiland, at (605) 428-3595 or