Sioux River Red Rock Trail

Sioux River Red Rock Trail  

Sioux River Red Rock Trail BridgeThe Sioux River Red Rock Trail in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, is a cooperative effort between a committee of local residents and the City of Dell Rapids.

                Sioux River Red Rock Trail

A section of trail along the highway from Centennial Place to the scenic overlook in
the Dells of the Sioux Recreation Area was completed in the fall of 2018.

Sioux River Red Rock Trail 2Current construction will extend the existing trail along Highway 115 north to 4th Street and then west to the golf course road. This is part of a highway reconstruction project that includes a pedestrian bridge over Rocky Run and an additional half-mile of trail; it will connect the dam on the Big Sioux River to the
trail at Hwy 115. Construction is slated for 2019.

Future plans also include making the stretch of Old Highway 77 from 4th to 15th Street safe for pedestrians and bicyclists by adding separate paths along the road and better controlled crosswalks.


Donations can be sent to:
Dell Rapids Trailway Fund
c/o Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation
200 N. Cherapa Place
Sioux Falls SD 57103

Funds are managed by the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations qualify for most employer charitable match programs.