Quarrie Days

Swamped boaters are often the happiest at Quarry Days


The Big Sioux River curls around several layers of the Everist east quarry

The quarrying of red quartzite in Dell Rapids goes back 120 years, and for the last 80 years L.G. Everist has been one of Dell Rapids' most important corporate neighbors. In 1987 L.G. Everist and the Dell Rapids community began collaborating on an annual summer festival called the Dell Rapids Quarry Days Celebration.

Baseball is celebrated in Dell Rapids

The Celebration, held the last full weekend in June, features a spectrum of events including a golf tournament, tractor pull, baseball game, entertainment at the historic amphitheater, a parade, car show, fireworks, and any other activity designed to inspire summer fun.

army jazz band
Army jazz band entertains the kids at the amphitheater

For one special weekend, the Everist train takes on passengers 

One singularly splashy summer tradition is the annual cardboard boat regatta on the Big Sioux River, close to the historic Dell Rapids beach and bathhouse that was retired in 1960. Boaters will try to cross the finish line without sinking their cardboard crafts. The swamped boaters appear to have the most fun of all.

The Big Sioux trestle, built on a rock pier, ushers sightseers into the Everist west quarry

The big diesel engines that haul hundreds of tons of rock and gravel from the two L.G. Everist quarries are drafted to pull passenger cars around the quarries and over the Big Sioux River. This unique tour and the events of Quarry Days reinforce the rock-solid identity of Dell Rapids

Once underwater, the west quarry is back in production