Tree Rebate Program

Tree Rebate Program

The Tree Rebate Program offers $100 rebates to encourage property owners to plant a diversity of tree specieis on private properties and boulevards within city limits.

Who Qualifies
Any Dell Rapids property owner that plants a tree meeting the program requirements is eligible. Each property owner may apply for a maximum of 2 trees per property.

Boulevard Eligible Tree Species 
The following species have been approved for planting in a Boulevard: Ironwood, Northern Catalpa, American Yellowwood, Black Locust, Kentucky Coffeetree, Thornless Honeylocust, Burr Oak, Heritage Oak, Northern Pin Oak, Northern Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, Ginkgo, Ohio Buckeye, Black Walnut, Shagbark Hickory, Black Cherry, Amur Corktree, American Linden, Little Leaf Linden, Silver Linden, Common Hackberry, Elm Hybrids, Japanese Elm, Wilson Elm.

          Boulevard Specifications:         

  • 1 inch or more in diameter (measured 6" above the ground)
  • 2 1/2 feet from curb
  • 10 feet or more from a fire hydrant
  • 5 feet or more from a driveway
  • 15 feet or more from a streetlight
  • 20 feet or more from a stop/yield sign
  • 30 feet or more from the corner (corner lot)
  • No trees may be planted under power lines
  • All eligible program trees must be planted within the City limits

Private Property Trees
Trees planted on private property are not governed by the City. However, to give your new tree enough room for healthy growth and to avoid interference with utilities and structures, be sure to plant it: minimum 3 feet from underground utilities, minimum 10 feet from overhead utilities and trunks of other large trees, minimum 15 feet from all structures. 

Planting your Trees
A Property owner may plant trees yourself or you may hire someone to plant it for you. 

Click HERE to download a fillable Tree Rebate Application!