Dell Rapids Museum

Dell Rapids Museum
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A good community museum should give you an experience unique to that
 community. Your experience at the Dell Rapids Museum will be dominated by the museum's biggest attraction, and arguably the best.

The Museum has retained the floor plan of the Dieson Department Store that attracted shoppers in the first half of the 20th century. Enter the doors and hark back to what it felt like to shop for clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and toys before the era of the big box stores.

Get a sense of the spacious first floor and the mezzanine where a store manager could view the enthusiasm of the clerks. Picture a crowd of excited young kids poking their noses through the railed balustrades on the 2nd floor to spy on their parents shopping below. The open floor plan and the use of vertical space at the Dieson Department Store would become common features at our modern shopping malls.

Museum Dieseon Sign

The Museum is one of the anchors of the Dell Rapids Historic Business District and functions as a nostalgic meeting place during special events like Christmas at the Dells.
Museum Christmas Night