Financial Information

Financial Information
Annual Audit Reports
Financial audits in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards of each municipality in the state shall be made at least once every two years, (SDCL 4-11-4). It is Dell Rapids standard to have an audit completed annually.
   2020 Audit Report
   2019 Audit Report

   2018 Audit Report
   2017 Audit Report
   2016 Audit Report
   2015 Audit Report
   2014 Audit Report
   2013 Audit Report

Annual Appropriations
The governing body of each municipality shall, no later than its first regular meeting in September of each year or within ten days thereafter, introduce the annual appropriation ordinance for the ensuing fiscal year, in which it shall appropriate the sums of money necessary to meet all lawful expenses and liabilities of the municipality. (SDCL 9-21-2)
   2022 Annual Appropriations
   2021 Supplemental Appropriations
   2021 Annual Appropriations
   2020 Supplemental Appropriations
   2020 Annual Appropriations
   2019 Supplemental Appropriations 
   2019 Annual Appropriations

   2018 Supplemental Appropriations 
   2018 Annual Appropriations
   2017 Supplemental Appropriations 
   2017 Annual Appropriations