Building Inspection/Regulation

Building Inspection and Code Enforcement

The Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer provides technical building code advice to the City Administrator and Planning and Zoning Commission; administers the permitting function, including application, fee assessment and collection, permit issuance, inspection, documentation, and occupancy. The Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer also enforces a variety of codes, including the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, National Electrical Code and local codes relating to nuisance, safety, and zoning. He explains, interprets, and provides guidance regarding all applicable codes to architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and other interested parties. And among many other tasks, he conducts field investigations of potential violations; gathers evidence, discusses potential violations with complainants, witnesses, renters, and/or property owners.  Makes findings and issues warnings, correction notices, or citations.