Due To Predicted Weather - A SNOW ALERT will take effect at 12 PM on 01/17/20 and remain until 12 PM on 01/18/20. Remove Vehicles from streets until 12 PM on 01/18/20.  The City will plan to plow based on how conditions develop over the course of Friday the 17th. 


All property owners are responsible to keep snow and ice clear from their public sidewalks following a snow event.  Following a snow event the City provides a 24 hour grace period to have snow removed from sidewalks. This 24 hour period starts at the end of a snowfall event.  Following the 24 hour period, properties that have not cleared snow will have their sidewalks cleared by the City. A bill will be sent to the owner with an additional $50 fine.   Please sign up for text messaging alerts to be informed when the City calls a Snow Emergency.  Text  “Dells” to (605) 206-2927